Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Short Stories

Rebecca Makkai - "A magician of a writer, (she) produces stories that are miracles of invention."

Richard Russo on 2010's best stories

The Barcelona Review

Great American short stories

The ebook revolution will engulf us like a tsunami

Stories and activities for children learning English


  1. I read the article about the E-books. Guess I have to try it out sometime.

    There has been a number of studies showing that reading on a computer screen will slow the average reader with between ten and twenty percent. I know the e-book screens are optimized. Do you know if there are studies showing anything about how the reading comfort and quality is vs printed material?

  2. Hey Eli. I have heard that as well about reading slower, but I haven't seen any studies. Although... even if you are reading slower, if you read more often because of the convenience that comes with an e-reader then you are going to end up reading more, no? And will younger readers be more apt to read, turn of the TV for a while and read, if the material comes in a tech gadget?

    I read all the time on my iphone, mostly because I have it with me all the time and it is small. Most of the stuff is formatted for the phone so it feels pretty comfortable to read that way. But I still prefer a good old fashioned book to be honest.