Monday, December 6, 2010


It seems like poetry is becoming a dying art form, like scrimshaw (the carving of whale bones) or arts education or calligraphy.  But here is a site that publishes a new poem every day for those of you who refuse to let poetry die!

Where do dogs come from?

Board games and the Settlers of Catan

Super prices for superheroes

English has more words in it than most modern languages because of its dual Germanic/Norman-French linguistic heritage.  Here's a site to help you increase your vocabulary. Test your VQ in the green box at right.

Cutting language programs in U.S. universities

Figment, a site for teenagers who read and write


  1. Thanks for the Figment tips. Brings it with me to the classroom :)

  2. They just went online today and you can see that the site is still developing but it has a lot of potential, I think. Anything that gets the TV turned off once in a while works for me!