Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday morning

Researches find that zapping a certain part of the brain with electricity gets people to think outside of the box.

UK court makes big decision for low IQ man

Are teens more likely to make bad decisions when they're with their friends?

Here's a good literary journal based in Barcelona that I read regularly.


  1. I just finished Eat,Pray,Love with Elisabeth Gilbert and loved it. I rented the movie today so I hope it will meet with my expectations. Nice to read different book reviews. I am a succer for crime but read almost everything I get my hands on and shockingly enough I do it simply for pleasure and entertainment. I was impressed by the guy who did the research and found out that most people doo just that. I would never guessed;) Have a good weekend.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys. Karen, did you see that list of crime fiction writers I posted back on January 31st?

  3. Yes, but I missed Jeffery Deaver on that list. I have read a lot of both Ruth Rendell, Hening Mankel and so on.... JD is a good writer and I can never predict his endings. ( a few others as well) Many good writers out there:)

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Karen. I'm not familiar with Deaver but I'll check him out based on your expert advice. :-)