Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Reading

Should we teach kids to do "close reading"?

Wine making 6,000 years ago

Teacher finds 340 year old bible

Old fashion logger

The OED for free! (for the moment)

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  1. First of all: I like your blog. You give us a rich variety of topics. Thank you for sharing. I try to log in several times a week.

    About the question about whether we should be teaching kisd to do "close reading":

    Huh. I just wonder how Horn thinks pupils are going to see the details in a text (or in a language), if they don’t do some close reading from time to time?

    Schools today spend far too little time on reading whether it is close reading or extensive reading. More than ever, our pupils need to get a sensible reading speed to be able to enjoy (or at least cope with) reading. But, to really enjoy the subtle details in a text, a close reading is a must (and a treat) that all students should be given from time to time.

    How can extensive reading function without sometimes reading closely? We need both.

    Horn states that the readers of today cannot “see the literary forest for the trees”? – Well what about looking at the literary blossom in the forest from time to time?