Monday, January 3, 2011

Mother Jones Posts

In the U.S., I think Mother Jones is doing some of the best work in journalism today.  I have linked to their articles here several times before, but this is a list of some of their longer pieces that I read in 2010 and found to be quite interesting.  Use an online dictionary to help you with difficult vocabulary words.

10 great MoJo long reads

The best Lego builds of the year

Portland restaurant, The Beast


  1. I read "What killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?" earlier and I guess you have posted it before, anyway it was a terrible tragedy and it makes you think about how something like that can happend. I agree with you that MJ have a lot of good reading, you do a good job with this blog and I find it useful and entertaining.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks Karen. Happy New Year to you too. And by the way... I just got the "emneplan" done for "Språk og kultur i USA" so it should be open for registration soon.